The Rocket Range of Trailerable Trimarans

Rocket 26 - 26' Trailerable Trimaran

Rocket 26

The Rocket 26 is the fuss free option for getting amongst the wind and the waves. This design is largely inspired by Born to Run, the 26' trimaran that took it to the Fleet in the ANA regatta in Melbourne in 1986 and inspired a new generation of trailerable trimarans.

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Rocket Fuel 30 Trailerable Trimaran

Rocket Fuel 30

Rocket 30 is the fun machine that takes performance seriously. She's designed to incorporate the state of the art technology that makes trimarans the go to machines for high performance sailing. Fuel 30 is big enough and tough enough to handle short offshore races including overnighters like the Brisbane to Gladstone, and mix it with the go fast machinery at the pointy end of the fleet.

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Rocket Flight 30 Trailerable Trimaran

Rocket Flight 30

Want to cruise in the kind of boat that won't let you forget what you love about sailing multihulls? Flight 30 is fast, responsive and highly capable in a wide range of conditions. Rocket Flight 30 also dishes up all the mobility you could wish for. Fold her up for the road, send her overseas in a container, or simply stock up, cast off and set sail. 

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Rocket 36

Ambitions of broader horizons? That coral atoll with the remote surf break? That little island you need to get back to where the rum is ten dollars a bottle in the corner store?  With Rocket 36 yet to have the journey and the destination. Rocket 36 is highly capable of offshore passage making and racing, big enough to sleep up to eight adults yet able to folded up in the marina so you dont need the same amount of parking space as the local bus company.


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