Rocket Factory 25 folding trimaran aft cabin accommodation layout


 ROCKET 26 incorporates everything we’ve learned about designing trimarans since the mid 1980’s. High buoyancy floats are faster, safer, more sea kindly. Good beam clearance stops you getting bogged down in the chop and throwing spray into the cockpit. Moving the beams and mast further aft gives you a bigger safety factor and lets you push harder as the wind kicks in.

Full length floats with buoyancy well forward and a fine main hull make for a better motion through the waves and gives you the confidence to keep the power on in the fresher conditions.


Float mounted rudders with a connecting link bar are proposed as standard equipment. Daggerboard and case in the main hull will provide the primary lift to windward and it is possible that lifting foils in the floats will be offered as an option.With the incorporation of the Rocket Folding System Rocket 26 presents a package of state of the art design technology with convenience, versatility and practicality.



Rocket 26 Trailerable Trimaran
Rocket 26 with Aft Cabin
General Arrangment plan for the Rocket 26 trailerable trimaran
Rocket Factory 26 General Arrangement




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