Not sure what Gordon was explaining here but Gordon's had a bit of experience with trimarans. He built and campaigned the Lex Nicol designed  Escapade all those years ago, then built and campaigned the Grainger 075 Peregrine.

From Peregrine to launching the Essential Eight trimarans, and notably his own Bare Essentials which made a serious impression on the racing scene in Australian Waters with wing mast, canting rig and C foils.

It was Gordons' design brief that kicked off the Rocket 44 project…"a modern off the beach sailing trimaran with good all round sailing characteristics and the ability to handle a bit of breeze". (it's been edited but the gist of it is there).

Gordon's sailing skills and ideas about design have strongly influenced my own design philosophies over the years.


Andres started sailing at the age of 11 in an old Sabot which he saved up to buy working weekends and school holidays at a servo. After repairing it to floating condition he set out to learn how to sail it with the aid of a couple of books and some tips from some local old mariners. Andres was hooked on sailing and later graduated to sailing herons and cats.
Andres settled in Noosa 3 years ago and got bitten by the racing bug, sailing today in Blazers and Wetas. He also helps out with sail training at the Noosa Yacht Club.
Andres is very enthusiastic about the new design and is contributing ideas for deck hardware systems and other technical details. He will be involved in sales and sail training once we have boats on the water.
Andres Gabarrin:

Andres' trophy shelf includes:
Current Pan Pacific Masters Multihull Champion Gold Medalist.
2nd 2019 Qld Weta State Titles
3rd  2018 Qld Weta State Titles
LCSC Summer Series Winner Division 1 On YS and PBH 2018-2019
3rd LCSC 2018 Monomasters


Claude's passion for sailing and lightweight construction is infectious. He arrived in Australia from Montreal in Canada after crossing the Pacific in his self built 5.4m (18') Bruce Roberts monohull Père Peinard .  Claude took to boat building, at first with cruising cats and then with Kayaks and Hawaiian outrigger canoes.

Apart from boat building Claude is passionate about environmental issues and is deeply involved in the technology and evolution of electric powered ferries, sailing boats and motor vessels.


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