Reshaping the RAW30

RAW30 trimaran - redesign

5th May 2014  FUEL30

RAW30 was intended for series production and the hull shapes were uncrompromisingly designed for performance and all round sailing enjoyment. In many of the photos the RAW30 can be seen with the main hull nicely skimming the surface and the float is partially depressed - often just to half way or less. You can see some photos of the boat sailing on the Airplay web site

For the FUEL30 we've kept all the underwater shapes the same as the RAW30, but for the main hull the surfaces from just above the waterline (the colour change in the image above) are built from developable panels. That is; they are completely flat in the y/z plane and curved only in the x plane.

This opens up a wealth of possibilities for fast, light and economical construction.

It's the same concept we used on the Rascal and Scoundrel designs, and will be employed on the Flight30 as well.



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