A dynamic range of modern high performance trailerable trimarans

Rendering of Rocket 25. Profile view.
Rascal 25 with aft cabin


It was 1986. A small trailerable trimaran made its’ racing debut in a mixed fleet of monohulls and multihulls on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. The boat was Born to Run and she went on to change the shape and style of trimarans racing on the Australian trailer yacht scene.


30 years on with the same passion to bring state of the design and manufacture to the trailer yacht scene we’ve created the Rocket Factory range of trimarans.



There is a range or four folding trimarans that engage state of the art design, engineering and modern technologies to create a world class product that will perpetuate the legacy of performance, dependability and modern style that was inspired by Born to Run.


All four trimarans employ a folding system based on the Farrier Folding System that allows them to be easily folded on the water or in the car park at the boat ramp.



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What makes trimarans fast?

Yeah we know already! A stiff breeze and a fearless crew!

Well, that's a big part of it, but there are some fundamentals in the design of the platform and the hull shapes that give trimarans some unique characteristics in performance and sea handling if they are taken into account in the design process.

the article is particularly directed at trailerable trimarans but is relevant to trimarans of all shapes and sizes.